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Marcy ME 709 Recumbent Exercise Bike​

Design & Comfort


Features & Specs


The Marcy ME 709 is a recumbent exercise bike that has a great look, good build quality and a lot of the features that you could be likely to want in a recumbent bike.

But with so many different models of recumbent bike out there, it can be hard to stand from the crowd in this category.

To find out if the Marcy ME 709 recumbent exercise bike is a good choice for you to get into shape while fitting seamlessly into your home, keep reading and we will dive into the various features and benefits and how they stack up against what else is out there.


The Marcy ME 709 recumbent bike is, as the name suggests, a recumbent bike. For those unfamiliar with this term, that basically means that it is a stationary bike that makes it easy to burn calories and tone muscle.

The difference denoted by the ‘recumbent’ prefix, is that it you will be leaning back slightly more with your feet outstretched in front of you instead of underneath you.

This means you’re not placing as much weight on your feet or spine and it makes for a much more comfortable riding experience. This is also very useful for anyone who has knee problems or back problems.

The Marcy ME 709 is just such a recumbent bike and should be a good fit for anyone looking to lose weight from home in a manner that is comfortable and relatively relaxed.

It is a mid-range product with a lot of features that you might be looking for and a great design that still won’t break the bank.

Design and Comfort

Recumbent bikes can vary in terms of just how reclined and how comfortable they are. In this case, the Marcy ME 709 puts you in a fairly upright sitting position with your legs pushed out in front.

The chair itself is padded for extra comfort with handles to help you keep your position in the seat while riding.

These features together make for a fairly comfortable and relaxed riding experience, without being fully supine. It’s a great fit for watching TV in the living room while burning some calories and is comfortable and easy for long rides.

In terms of the appearance, the Marcy ME is a very well-made piece of equipment.

It has a nicely colored, dark copper base that houses the machinery of the bike and provides the resistance.
The colored detailing is relatively minimal though, with other portions of the surface being dark grey and the frame itself being black.

There are lots of curved edges here and there is lots of rounded design. In short, this should look fine in most living rooms and won’t look like an ugly piece of gym equipment that doesn’t belong with the rest of your décor.

The full size of the Marcy ME 709 is 55.5” x 25” x 37.5”. As many people investing in static cardiovascular training equipment like this will be looking for something they can keep in a living room or a bedroom, it is important that you take measurements prior to investing.

The good news here though, is that the Marcy ME 709 is small enough to fit into most homes without too much trouble, while big enough to offer a comfortable ride.

The weight is 66lbs but the good news is that there are wheels attached to the bottom to make it easy to move around when you want to clear space in the spare room for guests etc.

In terms of the maximum weight capacity, that goes up to 300lbs. This is a fairly standard capacity and means that you should have no problem here, even if you have some weight you need to lose!

Another smart touch is the ability to adjust the position of the seat, which ensures it should be suitable for users of various heights, with various leg lengths.


The Marcy ME 709 has a great design then and is comfortable to use. But that would mean nothing if it wasn’t good for its intended use. The good news is that it performs well in this regard too.

There are 8 resistance settings, which means that you’ll be able to find the perfect setting for the level of difficulty you require. Not only that, but you’ll be able to use this for a range of more inventive training options, by increasing and decreasing the setting throughout your training.

Another positive is that the resistance here is offered via a magnets. This is far preferable to mechanical resistance or friction, as it means that the ride is much smoother. You’re working hard, but the effort is consistent, resulting in a far more effective workout.

Pedals are also counterbalanced to ensure an even more natural feeling ride, while the pedals are counterbalanced with adjustable foot straps to keep you well fastened in.

If you’d like to know more about different workouts that you can do with a recumbent exercise bike like the Marcy ME 709, feel free to check out our ultimate guide to the recumbent bike.

Marcy ME 709 Features and Specifications

recumbent exercise bike features

In terms of features, the main one is the 8 resistance settings. However, there’s more to write home about here too. For one, you get a screen that matches the round aesthetic (it’s an oval itself) and that gives you a digital readout with a variety of useful metrics.

These include your average speed, the distance you have travelled, the amount of time you’ve been riding and your rough calorie burn (calculated based on these stats, plus information you input yourself).

All of this gives the device even more applications: it can be used for HIIT by aiming for different speeds over set times for instance, or it can be used to measure your performance over distance if you are training for an event.

For losing weight, the ability to measure calories is probably the most advantageous. This way, you can calculate your AMR (active metabolic rate) in order to see how many calories you normally burn in a day and how few you need to eat in order to maintain a caloric deficit.

If you then ensure to burn X amount of calories in a day, you should be able to consistently lose weight.

Of course the disappointment here is that the bike lacks a heart-rate monitor. This is a feature that we see in a lot of similar units around the same price and it is very useful as it allows you to more accurately monitor calories, as well as using zone training and other techniques to burn even more calories.

And if we’re talking missed opportunities, then the only other obvious downside is the lack of easy storage. Some other similar mechanisms will fold for storage, which can be great if your space is at a premium and you want to be able to use the room for other things when not exercising.

Something to note though is that the devices that do fold, often tend to feel a little less stable when you are riding at full pelt. This will come down to personal preference then.


All in all, the Marcy ME 709 is an excellent recumbent exercise bike, which makes a great argument for itself. Being relatively small, light and easy to move, it should fit into most homes easily.

It’s also one of the comfier and more attractive models we’ve come across. Performance is great and it has enough settings and readouts to be useful for most training programs.

The only limitations are the lack of heart rate monitoring and the absence of a folding option. The way to get around the former is of course to use a fitness tracker, while the latter will only be an issue depending on space.

For everyone else, the Marcy ME 709 offers a comfortable and effective way to burn calories and get fit! It comes highly recommended, especially for those that have back or knee problems.

If you’re interested in finding out more about Marcy Pro and the other amazing workout equipment that they offer, check out their website here.