The WaterRower Natural water rowing machine comes with an Series four monitor and is made from ash wood, giving it an elegant, natural finish.

This style of rowing machine is said to provide one of the most realistic rowing experiences, and it’s incredibly quiet running as well.

However, this model doesn’t come cheap. If you’re a serious rower or fitness enthusiast, the Natural water rowing machine has what it takes to help you meet your fitness goals and take your workout routines to the next level.

The Natural Indoor Rowing Machine Assessment and Features

This is a water resistance rower that utilizes a water flywheel or paddles, which are suspended in a tank of water, to provide resistance.

While it may sound a little confusing it’s actually a pretty simple concept. What makes this type of rower unique in terms of resistance, is that the amount of resistance the user experiences will depend on how hard they’re rowing.

As an example, if you want a low impact easier workout, you can row with low intensity. If you want a challenging workout, simply row with more intensity and you’ll feel a lot more resistance.

The more water that’s added to the tank, the more difficult rowing will be. The less water in the tank, the easier rowing will be.

This type of variable resistance works in a similar manner to that of air resistance rowers.

However, a water rowing machine offers a more realistic feel because of the smoother rowing motion and the sound of water splashing around in the tank. This type of rowing machine is also much quieter than any other kind of rower.

This model comes with a series 4 fitness monitor that will track stroke rate, workout intensity, target fitness zone, duration, heart rate, and distance.

The performance monitor will separate the tracked info in separate windows, all of which you can view at the same time on the home screen.

Here is a list of all the windows you’ll find on the home screen:

Intensity: This window displays rowing speeds in minutes per two kilometers, minutes per five hundred meters, miles per hour, and meters per second. It will also display calories burned per hour.

Stroke Rate: This window will display the number of strokes per minute.

Heart Rate: This window is available if you buy compatible heart rate monitoring equipment.  Target zone: This window provides target zone readings for stroke rate, heart rate, and intensity.

Duration: Track time rowed in decimal seconds, seconds, minutes, and hours. You can also display the time remaining in a current workout.

Distance: Displays distance rowed in strokes, kilometers, miles, and meters.

Program: You can use this window to navigate through the other advanced functions you’ll find on the monitor.

The monitor features a total of nine buttons: six quick select buttons and three navigation buttons. It runs on a total of four AA batteries and unfortunately, isn’t backlit.

The monitor can be linked to your PC and used with other software racing and training programs, or you can upload fitness data so you can closely analyze your workouts.

This water rowing machine comes with a five-year warranty on the frame and a three-year warranty on parts. To activate the warranty you must complete a registration form upon purchase.

WaterRower Pros and Cons

WaterRower Natural water Rowing MachinePros: This rower is made from solid ash, which is ideal for absorbing vibration and sound. For color consistency, the rower is stained in a honey oak color.

The rower’s tank is made from polycarbonate, which is one of the toughest plastics around.

The only maintenance this rower requires is placing chlorine tabs in the water tank once a month to keep the water clean and clear.

This rower also features an ergonomic seat with extra padding. The seat provides superior comfort and support while rowing.

The rower’s handle is light, durable, and made from aluminum.

The teardrop shape makes it much easier to grip and also helps to minimize any wrist pain and discomfort.The footrest has heel rests on the bottom and features nylon straps that work to secure the user’s feet in place.

The water flywheel offers a feel that closely resembles rowing on water. The clutch prevents any jerkiness once the handle is pulled and the seat rolls along the rails, making the entire motion smooth.

While eight feet in length, the rower can be placed upright to save a ton of room in your home. It’s also equipped with caster wheel that will allow you to move it easily from room to room.

This model offers a max weight capacity of a thousand pounds.

Cons: Some buyers felt that the rower’s monitor was too basic, especially when compared to other high-end water rower monitors.

While the Series 4 monitor may not measure up to the competition, it’s still an advanced monitor that comes packed with enough features to make it handy and effective. 

Some users noted that getting on and off the rower was difficult because it sits very low to the ground. If you have arthritis or bad knees this can be a major problem.

Buyers reported that the footrest feels somewhat flimsy and the nylon straps that are designed to keep the feet in place tend to loosen up during a workout.

If you’re looking for a more affordable rowing machine and one that’s equipped with resistance levels, we recommend the Sunny Health & Fitness magnetic resistance indoor rowing machine.

The Natural Water Rowing Machine by WaterRower Conclusion and Rating

The Natural water rowing machine by WaterRower offers a realistic rowing experience that’s designed for users of all fitness levels.


If you’ve never rowed before but you’re looking for a solid machine to help you get back in shape, this model comes highly recommend by beginners and pros alike.


While it may not have the flashiest monitor and the feet straps can loosen during a workout, this rower offers one of the best indoor rowing experiences on the market.


Consumers who purchased this rowing machine gave it a generous rating of four and a half out of five stars.